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Why Should You Hire a Real Estate Agent When Selling a Home in Northridge?

It has been a tradition for Northridge homeowners to sell their properties with the help of a real estate agent. There is a big reason why almost 90 percent of the sellers choose to enlist their properties and deal with a realtor. That reason is the reality that selling a house takes time, knowledge of the neighborhood trends as well as the truth that a realtor has the needed negotiating skills, helping you to get your home sold. So whilst you will need to pay for his or her service, the benefits of hiring a Northridge real estate agent are quite rewarding.

The major task of a real estate agent is none other than helping to set your property at the best possible pricing and get interested buyers on the door. A real estate agent has access to most updated information regarding the recent sales of the comparable houses and competing listings inside your neighborhood. The real estate market shifts each day and it is the role of the realtor to keep himself updated with those changes.

A good and trusted real estate agent would also market your house aggressively. This means suggesting staging strategies so as to making the place appear great, maximizing the listing along with high quality photos and show the property to all prospective buyers. Most importantly, the real estate agent would vet the potential buyers so that you could deal with only those who are really sure buyers.

When you have found a good buyer already, the realtor would negotiate counter-offers and track the entire paperwork and then he will hand-hold over the most nerve-racking part of the process. When you are determined to go it alone, discount programs offered online will let you pay just for the services that you have preferred to avail which include the listing of your home on similar local multiple listing service that a real estate agent uses.

Apart from that, a lot of direct sellers provide commissions to the real estate agents working with the buyers to entice them to bring their clients to the property. Homeowners who pay two to three percent are 25 percent more likely to get their homes sold compared to those people who offer nothing. Prior to skipping a full-service real estate agent, you should think about the effort and time that you can spend, especially when the process drags on.

Most of the time, a house takes around 4 months to sell, as said by the National Association of Realtor. When the costs are involved, you must feel comfortable having an honest and face to face conversation regarding how or how much the real estate expects to get paid. The moment you have found a real estate agent you feel comfortable to work with, do not hesitate to sign in the contract that will last for the shortest time such as 30 to 60 days.

It must provide you with enough time so as to assess the performance of the agent. When the house is properly priced as well as properly marketed, you would be reaching the most sincere buyers in just a few weeks.


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