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Effective Tips to Find a Good Realtor to Sell your House in Northridge, CA

Do you need to sell your house? A good realtor can make a big difference. Make sure you hire someone experienced, professional and hard working. Here, you will know and learn the effective tips to finding a good realtor to work with.

  • Business Decision- It is a fact that selling your house is not an easy task in today’s market. It is challenging and you need someone that is up to the task. Use a full time real estate professional with a proven track record. Selling your property may be the largest transaction of your life so make it a business decision. It is best to hire a professional realtor from day one.
  • Get referrals- You can ask your friend who recently sold their house. Ask them their experience and if they would use their realtor again. If so, get the agent’s name. It is highly recommended to ask to your friends and family for a referral.
  • Interview- It is good to get different points of view. Talk to 2-3 agents if you can. Make a list of important questions before you meet. Don’t choose a realtor based on the expected sales price that they give you. The agent might be trying to buy your listing. Always remember that the market determines the value of your house. Not you or the realtor you hire.
  • Don’t let the realtor buy your listing- It is common for a home seller to list with the realtor that gives them highest asking price. Don’t do this. Have your realtor defend any price they come up with. Have them show you comparable sales and be objective.
  • Interview a farmer- You may want to speak with an agent that works only in your neighborhood or area. Depending on where you live, your property might be unique and need a unique realtor. During a contract negotiation, it is good to have a realtor on your side that has sold many of the homes in your area. However, the process of selling and valuing real estate is essentially the same in all segments of market with slight variations. You don’t have to hire a niche realtor or a specialist.
  • Second Guess- Some realtor will give you all of the right answers in the interview. They never disappoint you and tell you everything you want to hear. Be cautious of these realtors. They might not be giving you honest advice just to get your listing. Of course, the story will change after you listed with them.
  • Is the biggest producer the best?- Just because realtor 1 sells more than realtor 2, don’t assume that realtor 1 will give you better service or put more money in your pocket. Sometimes the bigger agents don’t give as good of service. Superstar agents generally advertise more so maybe that is exactly what you need.

If you are one of those home sellers in Northridge, CA, the tips that are stated above can be a big help to find a good realtor to sell your house in the city of Northridge, CA.


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